Interactive timeline images


Swipe your finger to advance through a set of timeline, percentage or image sequences

This widget makes it easy to re-create your own timeline sequence, similar to those in E. O. Wilson's "Life on Earth" iBook. Upload your images, set your slider values and your widget is done.

These are your main widget settings:
Title :
Subtitle :
Slider positon : Bottom Top

These are your images in sequence:
(no images added yet!)
Add a new image to the timeline sequence in three steps:
1. Slider value (optional - 5, 10 or 70% etc.)
Subtitle (optional, shown as subtitle when image selected)
2. Image file (will be resized to 1024x600)
Background color
Black White

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All of the widgets have received an update to work with iBooks Author 2 and iBooks 3, and continue to be freely available on Bookry, alongside some new free templates.


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